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Since increasing our prices in late Feb due to the world becoming more expensive (with NMW increases, Beer Tax, Stock, NIC, Corporation Tax just to name a few), we have introduced a VIS (Very Important Shed ‘Ed). 

For £40 per card, this will give you discounts for 1 year, just show the card on payment and you will receive 5% on absolutely everything, you will also receive 2 for £10 on any G&T’s, and 2 for £8 on any of our Rums. 

The only rules are that you can only order 2 drinks at a time with the discount otherwise a group of 8 may come and demand discount off their whole round…no! 

The 5% does not include the ‘2 for’ offers, it’s one or the other. 

So, there you have it, if you come into The Shed enough to make it worthwhile, save some pennies and get a cheeky VIS Card.