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Every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm we host Afternoon Teas, all of which are made by thee fabulous girls of Lavender and Thyme. Freshly made and simply delicious!

What WE offer, is a choice the Dry Option or the Boosy Option.

The dry is excactly that, you just pay for the food, coming in at £20 per person, and simply pay as you go at the bar for drinks.

The Boozy Option, is a way to get you nice and merry by 3pm! For £40 per person (which equates to £2.50 per drink every 15 minutes), of UNLIMITED alcohol, have whatever you’d like from the bar.
We come back to your table every 15 minutes and replenish you with another drink, we do this 8 times in 2 hours, so it’s up to you how much you drink…can you handle it???