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Where do we begin?

There is a guy, we’ll call him Ste. Since the age of 18, he had always wanted to run a Coffee Shop/Bar, through his time at College and University studying Nautical Science, and all times in between, hospitality was his choice of work. From starting at Burger King at 16, to then become a Head Waiter, Head Barman, Assistant Manager and Manager at various establishments, including Chiquitos and Starbucks.

His professional trade was an Officer in the Merchant Navy, hence the degree in Nautical Science, but after 6 years at sea, 2016 hit him and was made redundant at the beginning of the year, he then managed to find another job at sea, of which redundancy hit again at the end of the year…a bad year for the ‘Stedog’!

His wage at sea was incredible for an early/mid twenties fellow. After the redundancy, using his experience in hospitality, he then lead on to working full time in a local restaurant (The Malthouse Farm) as a waiter, on minimum wage, going from his sea wage to minimum wage, running himself to the ground, he decided to take the plunge! He realised, if he can do all this graft for a multi million pound business (Greene King), of which he was just a number, why couldn’t he do it himself?

Ste took out a business loan, searched for properties, used his downstairs toilet at home as inspiration (pallet wood clad walls) and built The Shed.

To begin with, it was him and two girls, just the 3 of them…now there’s a team of 10!

Over time, The Shed started to build a name for itself, it started to become a hive of Live Music and to start the concept of Wine and Cheese in Chorley, Sunday, a day dedicated to serving Wine and Cheese. Of which, to this day, many other bars, cafes and restaurants have followed in suit!

Covid then hit, a difficult time for all…but next door, Subway had decided it was too much! Ste leapt to the opportunity to take the lease on, first he took as much as he could out of the Bounce Back loans through the Government, knock through and expand The Shed.

The Garden was then born! To this day, we see Live Music every Saturday, an incredible atmosphere, we see Wine and Cheese served every Sunday, we see Afternoon Teas every Saturday afternoon and Quiz Nights every other Thursday evening.

It’s onwards and upwards! In the words of Walt Disney, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’…and I tell you, he is one correct man!

Cheese And Wine
Live Music
Afternoon Tea
Quiz Night